Another day, another… something… I don’t know…

I’ve been quite bummed out the last few days, partly for reasons you can read about in my previous posts, and just general depression shit.

I have been struggling with depression for years and years now, and it has progressively become worse over time, until I reached this stage that I am at now. Right now my life is, well to sum it up in one word, difficult. Why? Well, the problem with suffering from depression and anxiety is that it is very difficult to get things done, and it is very difficult to actually keep focus on anything. It might be a bit like having ADD or ADHD I guess.

Of course, comparing depression and ADHD directly is something like comparing apples and bananas. But that is not what I am doing either, I am simply making an analogy, and pointing out some similarity between the two in order for you, the reader, to better understand what I am talking about.

Well, in either case, concentration problems arise from having depression and anxiety. Also one does affect the other, that is anxiety contributes to depression and vice versa. I have been told that “Depression is not caring about anything, while anxiety is caring about everything” – This is, of course, a vast oversimplification. I have had depression since I was in my late teens, and I do care a lot about a great number of things. The anxiety part came later in life in my case, and is really more an augmentation, in lack of a better word, of worries or issues that depression causes me to have to begin with.

I don’t even know why I am writing this. Why would anyone want to know any of this? Anywhoo, go check out YouTube and find some funny cat videos or something to watch instead, or better yet something educational. Check out “The History Guy“, he has many interesting historical videos in short format, suitable for the short attention span most of us have these days.

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