I don’t know what to fill this blog with, yet

I don’t really know what to fill this “blog” with, at least not yet. I am going through a thought process right now, and I’m about to do some life-changing decisions. I might share them here when I am ready. Suffice to say, my mind is not exactly in a writing mood these days.

To make a long story short, about a year ago, my life took an unexpected turn that threw me out in a serious depressive period. I am now slowly starting to kind of climb out of this, however it is a long way to go still. I reopened this blog to see if I could use this as a form of creative outlet to share some of my ideas and hobbies.

One of my new hobbies, is electronics. I got some solar panels and some other doodads the other day, and I plan to use them for something. Maybe I will make a post about it.

Well, that’s it for today, not a long post, but it’s something!

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